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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bad Moons

The Bad Moons is a new Rock and Roll group bringing it to you live from Emlenton, Pa.

"D/L away. My friends.

8 songs, in just over 40 minutes. ROCK N ROLL."

- ADL of The Bad Moons

"With songs such as "Restless Roads and Storms of the Gods". This band has a great future ahead of them."
- Keea of We Want Music

BTB: Let’s start at the start then take it away. Tell us who you are and how The Bad Moons came to be.

ADL: I'm Aaron D. Lauricia the first. I play guitar and sometimes sing in the rock n roll band known as The Bad Moons. The Bad Moons started because all of us really wanted to play music in a band and we're all friends, so we started playing together.

BTB: How long has The Bad Moons been around?

ADL: Hmm, well. Norman and I started jamming together sometime in 07. Soon after we got Brandon on the drums. It took us, what seems like forever, to find a bass player. Now we have Frank Hall on bass. That's our line up as of now. We've been playing together since 07 I guess. Yeah 07. 2007.

BTB: How would you describe your sound?


BTB: What do the bad moons have going on in the near future?

ADL: We're going to record a new EP before the end of the year. Play as many shows as we can. We're slowing going to start booking for a summer tour. That's the plan right now, at least. Also, some shirts maybe, sometime soon.

BTB: Where can someone check your sound if they've never heard you before?

ADL: Well, like most bands now of days, we have a myspace page. you can listen to a few songs on it.

Right now we have a full length CD-R out called Collapse of Space and Time. We recorded it back in May, we're still making copies of it. So thats out there. The CD-R is free. I've made a sendspace link for it a few times as well. I'd be stoked if you sent the sendspace link to some friends.

We put out a demo tape awhile back, but we're not making anymore of those. EBAY gold.

BTB: do you have any shows coming up?

ADL: Huh yeah we have a few shows coming up, just local gigs. One on the 22nd of Novermber and another one sometime this month? I forget what Frank said.

We're always looking to play out. Like I said earlier, we're going to try and book a summer tour.

BTB: anything else you wanna say to internet land lurkers and fans?

ADL: Sure. Keep music alive, buy records, go see live bands. Give a f-ck. Be yourself. Have fun. Live life. Start a band, a zine, a record label, etc. Don't let someone tell you what's cool or not cool. Stop thinking hot pink is a cool color.

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