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Monday, November 10, 2008


"Whats up Gimmick? Just letting you
know that smash is a big big track
I have no doubt that it will be
successful. Jimus sounds awesome on
the track, SMASH!"
-Lone Ranger Productions

Yo, its Gimmick if you didn't know: I write, record, produce, mix, and master all my own tracks. If your lookin to get recorded or even just collaborate on a track, get at me. I'm down for the sound R A W bound.
Also if you want to put me on one of your mixtapes we can work something out. I'm lookin forward to finding new talent and produce tracks for hip hop artist from the ground up.

BTB: Start off by telling us who Gimmick is and how it got started.

Gimmick: Gimmick is a solo hip hop project I started about 2 years ago. Actually, before I turned hip hop I was only making techno beats with zero vocals, then gradually slid away from that to create hip hop tracks. I first started out with the name Kid Kombat, then later changed it to Gimmick.

BTB: I like the name Gimmick. Tell me about it.

Gimmick: Usually a stage name or alias is used as someones gimmick, I decided to call myself Gimmick 'cuz that's exactly what it is. Some say Gimmick means fake, or something hidden. That's not the case for me at all. All my lyrics are raw and totally real, but at the same time I'm not using my real name, I'm using my "gimmick" name. Also I'm a wrestling fan :)

BTB: haha awesome, I was a WWF, yes I said it, WWF! Fan in the 90's.

BTB: what techno work do you have recorded? is it still used?

Gimmick: I put together a 22 track instrumental, which I actually still have. I think maybe 3 or 4 people actually own it, but its basically a long lost project. Some friends say I should bring it back, but it's just not as fun to me anymore.

BTB: What equipment did you start with and do you still use it now?

Gimmick: HAHA! Wow, I started out with a lousy beat making program and a pen drive that had a mic on it. It was terrible. I've upgraded a lot since then. Now I'm using a M-Audio Midi keyboard for most of my beats and a Presonus Audio interface with a CAD GXL2200 Microphone for recording vocals. Not too pricey, but definitely way better quality.

BTB: do you get into Serato?

Gimmick: I've actually thought about it. I've tried some stuff with virtual programs, but I need a lot of practice before I would even consider scratchin up tracks to use on CD. Definitely a possibility in the future.

BTB: What got you into mixing and why hip hop?

Gimmick: Well I've always been freestyling with friends and verbally abusing people my entire life, ha, and I've been listening to rap my entire life also. It became really interesting to me once I started learning how to create my own music. I like the feeling of knowing I created something entirely by myself with no help at all.

BTB: what artists have you laid tracks with?

Gimmick: A few. B-Day from Butler, PA which has been my friend for a long time. Also, William James from whatis174. com. That track came out really cool. It was called "Doomsdays with Morrie" which is on my first album, "I'll Make You Famous". I recently did a song with a dude named Master Jimus from the United Kingdom. The track we did was called "SMASH" and it's on my newest released album "Raw Street". I did a few tracks with a b-tch named Sweet Lou. He's also the first artist I had beef with.

BTB: uh oh, what's the beef?

Gimmick: "When Sweet Went Sour" explains it all. Vibe it on Myspace.

BTB: Link me!

Gimmick: myspace. com/gimmick12345 CREEP IT CREEPS!

BTB: What's on the horizon for Gimmick?

Gimmick: I still have some tracks in the mix right now, and I'm looking forward to doing a Re-Mash with Chauncey from the Cardboard City Crew.

BTB: What mixtapes do you have out there and how do you get one?

Gimmick: I have a few copies left of my first album "I'll Make You Famous" and tons of my newest release "Raw Street". You can hit me up on myspace. com/gimmick12345 if you want to pick up a copy. Just message me and I'll work it out.

BTB: If someone wanted their first dose of Gimmick what track do you recommend?

Gimmick: "Welcome to Raw Street"

BTB: Any last words for fans and lurkers?

Gimmick: Eat your vegetables.

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